I'm a Product Designer who's trying to catch up to speed on all things design-related.

Coming from a business background, I see the power of design to make a difference in the bottom line by making a difference in people’s lives. Working in business, I saw many teams cutting costs to achieve their financial goals. When I took a step back to see the bigger picture, I realized that these goals were all dependent on a bigger factor: the customer experience.

Acting on this, I decided to move closer to the customers. Since I always had interests in sociology, psychology, and design, it was an easy step to take. Today as a designer, I see the importance of achieving a company’s financial goals by finding the real problem that customers face, by designing a new solution to that problem, and by making the case for an initiative that can make a difference in people’s lives.

With a long-term passion for design, I look for ways to make a difference in the customer’s life with a solution that is simple, usable, and useful.

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BONUS: If you're a new designer and you need an end-to-end guide (+ templates) for the UX design process, feel free to adopt my comprehensive guide created in Notion :)

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